my top 5 hacks

this is a difficult one. because there are so many nifty hacks.
so, i’ll stir the list at the end of every month. and, hopefully, i’ll lick the cream.

#5 ikea cam creature

what i like about this is that you’ll never know it is ikea. and that it probably took a slightly deranged mind to think of ripping a brum bear apart and harvesting its skeleton for a webcam holder. but did i tell you i like weird?

#4 lack table audio cabinet
a solid audio solution. i should write some blah-blah about form following function, but you know it already.

#3 benjamin stool with motif
here, my girly-ness kicks in. i’m a sucker for motifs. and though this hack is not brilliant, the pretty purples brings me to my knees.

#2 cheap yet chic stair lighting
i like the “out-of-the-christmas-box-thinking”. taking electroluminescent wires and lining your stairway with them is way cool. an otherwise drab stairway get an uber cool clubby look.

#1 vince’s sliding door room dividers
this blog was part inspired by vince’s hi-tech hideout. it was also the first hack i posted. well, you know what they say about first loves. yes, that divider is a thing of beauty.

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