hacking ikeahacker

voila! new looks.

i’m kinda hoping the tabs at the top makes it easier for you to browse. that said, i do know it’s still kinda dumb navigation wise, because you’ll have to keep hitting your browser’s back button or the tabs to return to the category listing after reading a post. unfortunately that’s the best i can do – cause blogger doesn’t support categories. (sigh. i should’ve gone with wordpress.)

rant aside, i’m pretty pleased with it. except for the ikeahacker logo – which i slapped together using microsoft paint! it’s bleeding inky blue as if i shot it. help, someone!

you’ll also find new columns like the resource guide and ikea helpers, featuring complementary ikea services or products. i hope to grow this list. if you sniff anything interesting or useful, drop me a line.

so this is the new look. test run it a bit for me, will ya? and squeal on any kinks. suggestions for new columns, categories, are also welcomed.

and yes, thanks andreas and gecko&fly for the template design. love your stuff.