please do not try this at home

who would have thought an ikea dining chair would be so much fun. design students at the university of the art in berlin were asked to create an interactive extension for a simple ikea chair.

like this one, unprepossessed by martin frey (right), has speakers on each side of the chair so you can hear two different voices telling different aspects of the same subject. hmm, modern day angel-demon-on-the-shoulders scenario?

but the waiting for godot chair by magdalena kallenberger is the one that takes the cake. “as a person approaches the chair, a motion sensor triggers a voice module inviting him/her to take a seat and ‘wait for godot’. as the person sits, the pressure of the bodyweight activates the pressure sensor, which in turn triggers the walkman to play a voice that says ‘have a seat, please… please wait a little …godot is coming soon… please wait a little…’. if the person rises from the chair, the voice goes ‘what a shame to leave now. godot will be here in just a few more minutes!’ and then repeats itself again with the words ‘have a seat, please… please wait a little … godot is coming soon… please wait a little…’ hilarious. though i’m not sure i (or your guests) want to meet this chair in real life. [via we make money not art]

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