what about an ikea classifieds?

since i’m always buying new ikea stuff, i’m also always looking for ways to re-use or dispose of the old. which led to me think of starting a new free service – kinda like an ikea classifieds. in fact, a reader did write me a while back to discuss some thing similar but we didn’t get very far. tim, are you still working on it?

i’m not in for anything complicated just an online space for you people who want to sell their ikea stuff, even their hacks. who knows, your old stuff could be some one else’s new love.

anyways, i’m not sure whether anyone besides me really wants it. so, if i get enough ‘yays’ i’ll figure out a way to get it going. if you have suggestions how to go about it, do let me know too. at the moment, i’m just thinking of letting interested parties post via email to the site. it will greatly reduce the need for me to sort email and post up the classifieds.

if not, well, there’s always ebay.