ikea art event

i’ve never been a big buyer of ikea art (for that matter, any art) but a quick search on their website shows that they have beefed up this section considerably. which may explain the ikea art event, begining september 20, 2006.

“at ikea we are no strangers to the great and the good of the world of art. we have been selling motifs of many artists such as picasso and monet. ikea art event adds a new dimension to our offer and opens the door for you, our customers, to the world of exclusive current galleries. the artists presented in the ikea art event are individual contemporary artists working in sweden. this is a limited edition. why limited? well, why not – this is an event afterall. here today, gone tomorrow. this is definitely an event you don’t want to miss!”

and it’s only for you folks in chicago, paramus, philadelphia and conshohocken. via positive fanatics.