one day event: travelling apothecary

is your life blighted by the shame of ikea-mania? do you crave cheap chairs? seek solace in simple sofas? or dream of bookcases called billy?

then, you’ve caught ikea-nitis. but fear not, mr crispin jones offers you a cure, a chance for a fresh start. his patented failsafe diagnostic machine and electric lady cure will put an end your vile desires quickly and permanently.

you can see mr jones at the travelling apothecary, a one day free event on saturday, 16 september, 10.00–18.00 at the british library piazza, 96 euston road, london nw1. (you lucky londoners!)

the event features a selection of uk’s most talented young designers, who will host stalls peddling cures for modern-day ailments in the best wild west medicine-show tradition. ailments treated include ‘network addiction’, ‘litter guilt’, ‘fantasy flings’ and ‘home makeovers’.

the latter, of which i am terminally but blissfully afflicted. so, kate, while thanks for the tip, i won’t be taking the meds. 🙂 link

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