updates: the ikea living room event

serving some updates from the ikea site, so you can enjoy a spot of armchair shopping over the weekend.

the living room event is happening now till october 1st in stores. on the site, you can view an online living room catalogue. not much new stuff, just more of combining pieces that work together and showcasing them ikea style.

if you’re looking for a sofa, you may also want to pick up a tip or two from their sofa guide. since the sofa could be your most dramatic (and expensive) investment for the living room, it’s always good to do some homework.

while you’re there – do check out the ikea planner tools for the kitchen, bathroom, home office, wardrobe and bathroom. i’ve never used them, preferring to scribble on scraps of paper than clicking buttons but if you’re planning some thing more complicated, it might be worth downloading.

and if you’re planning a really lazy weekend (like me!), you can even order in swedish goodies. ikea direct offers a number of breads, candies, coffee, cookies and preserves. just call 1-800-434-ikea to place your order. that’s just sweet, ain’t it?

it’s been a long and exhausting work week for me. so i’m going to sign off now and snuggle in my sultan bed for the next 48 hours.

have a great weekend. returning next week, hopefully recharged, with more hacks.