ikeahacker forums coming soon!

hackerhelpmoved (1)well, i’ve been working on a new thingamajig for ikeahacker. with the increase in traffic, i’ve been receiving quite a few hacks, hacker help questions and mail in general. which are all good. do keep them coming.

that said, i feel that i am a bottleneck to the process, especially the “hacker help” section. i currently post one or two hacker help questions per week, which simply translate to a long, long wait. very frustrating if you’re looking for answers, like NOW!

so, in a day or two, depending on how much sleep i get, you will get to post your questions at the ikeahacker forums. it’s not quite done yet, still some minor tweaks and should be ready to roll.

if you do have a question, please do hold off emailing it to me and wait for the forum launch.