got instructable?

notice the shiny new tab on top of the header? as mentioned here, we’re all set to roll …

you now have two ways to submit your ikea hacks:

  1. email me at ikeahacker[at]gmail[dot]com as usual. yes, i will still be very happy to receive them and post them up on the front page 🙂 or
  2. create an instructable on the ikea hacks group and it will be published on the projects page instantly. (please do not email me if you’ve uploaded it to the group to avoid duplicates.)

seriously, if you have those step-by-step photos and a penchant for details, an instructable is the way to go. like these very noteworthy ikea hacks on the group:
> eric’s ikea mini server rack
> a very cool ikea dj console
> the persistent vinyl clock

you may also remember some of these hacks i’ve posted previously like the tord coffee table edition, international analog clock, homemade sun jar and ikea lack coffee table hack. all from this very hacky bunch of people. go join them. i have.

visit the projects page for more hacks from the group.
happy hacking!

[thanks jeff! for making all this possible. hugs!]