the end of the ikeahacker forums

i feel sad announcing this but i’ve decided to pull the plug on the ikeahacker forums. when i launched it, i didn’t know spam was a plague equal to locusts from biblical times.

i spent too much time everyday trying to swat every locust. then, i switched over to manual verification of new registrations. it stopped the spam but drove me nuts checking and verifying each email.

so as wonderful an idea as it was, the forums are not working out for me big time.

no worries, though, i won’t leave you without help. the top place to run to when you need ikea advice is i’ve joined them for a bit and seriously, they rock. quick response, great advice and really fun people. in case you’re wondering (as i was) they are not only into ikea kitchens. they also have a section on mods and all things ikea related.

another place you can post your questions is the forum at the ikeahacks group over at instructables. a lot of eyeballs at instructables, so the chances of you getting a good answer is high.

i’ll keep the ikeahacker forums open till June 15. then, all threads will be locked but everyone will still be able to view the threads, as they do have some great info.

thanks 546 of you who joined the forums. to the more active users – mike, narf, courtney_beth, anaximander, jmat, cinematique, blatt, footemps, petra, joha, mrsensitive, melissa, jrotem, tiago.j.costa – thanks for contributing your time postings and offering help.

if you’ve just joined only to read this post, my apologies.

i guess the last straw just fell on my back.