amanda’s dingy klippan to get new slipcover?

this is from amanda, who has to live with a dachshund and a dingy klippan.

“We have had our Klippan for 2 years now, but it looks like more like 20. We have a dachshund (wiener dog) and bought the black cover for our sofa when we first got it, the cover lasted a few months. We bought the cover and it was never fitting quite right which enticed the dog to constantly pull the excess fabric, this lead to torn seams. The dog also has an addiction to Dingo bones, which means our black slightly holey slipcover was always covered in “bone crud” when dried this is not pretty. After a few washes we could not even get the cover back on the sofa. We have been using the sofa as is with the natural color canvas and a blanket thrown over. The sofa itself is now dingy and has its bone crud issues, we have cleaned it numerous times but it never quite works. Please help!!”

sofa1 sofa3 sofa5 sofa7 slipcover

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