chelsea’s chocolate brown wish

a new addition to the family meant the end of the pristine white covers for chelsea. she’s gunning for a chocolate brown set now.

“My name is Chelsea and my boyfriend and I love dogs in fact they are our passion. So when a friend of a friend needed to get rid of their beautiful great dane, we were more than happy to adopt him! His name is Neko and is the best dog ever, so well behaved and lovable!

The only problem, he loves our couches as much as we do, therefore, they are ruined! There are numerous stains all over, on every piece of furniture, a rip on the loveseat, and dog hair everywhere!

At first, we wanted a modern look and decided to get the white covers, however, now that we have him, it just is no longer practical, so we would love to have the ektorp chocolate brown covers, because they would warm the place up and hide some of the dog hair.

Now, let me say that because of Neko we are short on cash because of the unexpected costs we had with him, so as a first resort I attempted to dye the covers myself to save money and to get us by for awhile. Well, two days later, the footstool looks peach, the loveseat has dye stains all over it, and the rest is still hidden under several blankets. It would be so nice to enjoy our living room again without worrying about the stains and dog hair when we have company. So please, please, please, help us, we desperately need it. Thank you!

1. This is Neko. Isn’t he gorgeous!!!

2. An example of some the stains, the pictures do not show the stains well, but trust me they are there!

3. The peach mess

4. A close up of the peach mess

5. The dye disaster

6. The beautiful before

7. And the covers we would love to have.

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