nancy to win matching slipcovers?

nancy from the netherlands has second hand sofas that desperately need new slipcovers. will she get a set that finally matches?

nancy says, “Last year we bought a second hand Goteborg sofa and the cover was very bleached due to the sun. It was an olive green one. The first (relatively cheap) cover we could find was a white one (also second hand).

second hand goteborg sofaThat is not very practical with 4 Maine Coon cats and two little children (Noa aged 5 and Maik aged 2). And I have to wash it very often because you can see every little stain.

second hand karlanda armchairThis year we bought (also second hand because we know the quality of Ikea is very good) two Karlanda chairs. On these chairs is a fabric which is very soft but also very sticky (and with cigarette burn marks from previous owners). You can imaging that cat hairs sticking to it and it is not very nice to look at.

Therefore we would really like some new covers, so I send pictures of two possibilities.”

new goteborg slipcovernew karlanda slipcover

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