poekie wants a new slipcover to sharpen its nails

i guess it had to come to this. poekie the cat sends me an entry.

“To Whom It May Concern:

First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Poekie and I am a cat.

Yes, I’m sure you must find it most unusual to receive an e-mail written by a feline, however, desperate times call for desperate measures.

so miserable that's us!

I live with 2 feline friends, Alice and Anita in a flat in Vila Nova de Gaia, a city on the outskirts of Porto, Portugal. There are 2 humans which I have allowed to share our space with us. They are generally good people, though I don’t really like it when they interrupt my naps on the table when they want to eat, but hey, they bring home the bacon!!! I would also prefer it if they slept on the floor, sometimes it gets too tight for all 5 of us on the bed, but unfortunately, nails can only go so far…

the tatty sofa

Anyway, to cut to the chase… what is totally unacceptable is the fact that they realize that we badly need a new slipcover to sharpen our nails on (this one’s definitely no fun anymore…) and do absolutely NOTHING about it!!! The cheapskate bastards!!! So this is our humble and desperate plea (or should I say MIAOW??) for a new slipcover… We may have to resort to drastic measures, like kicking our owners out, and you wouldn’t want them to be homeless, would you??

the slipcover of our dreams
We would be extremely grateful…
PS: NOTE FROM OWNER (Sofia): I had to put food on the sofa for the photoshoot so I definitely deserve a new slipcover!!!!”

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