uglydolls demonstrate against ugly sofa

uglydolls look better than ann’s sofa. give her a pretty new one?

“My name is Ann and I live in Sweden. My living room would look a lot better with a fresh Bemz slipcover for my Karlanda sofa…

I tried to dye the cover myself but it ended up a disaster. After having dyed the cover I found out that it wasn’t made of 100% cotton. Instead it is partly linen and needed dry cleaning!

So after washing and dyeing it at home in the washing machine, it had shrunk! I had to work for hours to get the cover back on the sofa! There’s no way I can dye it again to make the color look better because then I will never get it back on!



Me and my daughter feel ashamed when people visit. Usually we try to hide the entire sofa with blankets but of course it never looks good.

Our sofa is so ugly that not even our (very cute) Uglydolls will spend any time on it (except for when they are demonstrating against ugly covers)!


This is the Bemz slipcover that I (+ my daughter + the Uglydolls) would love to win: Sybary- Midnight Grey.

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