will yeonwoo win the case for a new klippan slipcover?

yeonwoo and jonathan submit their case for a new mud coloured klippan slipcover.

“Please find attached photographic evidence of why a Bemz slipcover is desperately needed in this household:

1) The culprits: Attila the Greyhound and Haggis the Scottish Deerhound. The victim: Klippan 2-Seater.

2) Attila is a Sofa Connoisseur. Here he is tasting and nibbling his favorite.

3) Furniture porn? Nay! Rather, this is what happens when you leave a puppy alone for two minutes.

4) We bought an iRoomba Scooba recently to mop the mud (from dirty paws) off of the floor. Unfortunately, it does not work on sofas. i.e., why I need a mud-colored slipcover.

5) But you see, the dogs really love this couch. We bought a dog blanket from Costco as a futile attempt to cover the stains and rips, but the blanket always ends up on the floor and the Klippan is left naked and shivering in its embarrassment.

6) IKEA does not make any slipcovers that I like. Bemz does. Imagine how beautiful this scene would be with a Bemz slipcover…

PS. We also have two cats.”

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