Frame-holder for kids drawings

Nyttja-frame, wooden square bar, saw, glue, paint, cardboard, cutter knife

A re-built Ikea Nyttja frame made a great drawing holder for our kitchen wall. The frame has the size for A4 papers, and fits most of the drawings produced by our kids.

I saw and glued a thin square bar onto the backside of 3 of the sides, left one short end open. I removed the back of the frame, and pulled out all the metal holders. I wanted to keep the acrylic front, and fixed it with contact adhesive. Painted the bars black to match the frame. To finish it I made a new back piece of black cardboard, and had made a hole for hanging before gluing it on to the back of the bars.

As the frame is up on the wall, the drawings can be pushed into it from the side where I left it open. And the drawings can be changed as often as they get produced!

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~ Lilla a