Expedit Bar table

Materials: Expedit 2 by 4, Vika Amon table top, short legs from Ikea

Description: I needed a very narrow table that would accommodate up to 10 people. I had an Expedit 2 by 4 shelf and bought a white table top off craigslist for 10.00 and short Ikea legs (cabinet legs)(14.00) I turned the shelf on the long side and drilled holes for screws in the top of shelf and screwed the top onto the legs and then screwed that onto the bookshelf. The table easily accommodates 10 people. (Get the table top that is longer than bookshelf.)

I now have enough storage space for my snacks and all the extra small appliances in my kitchen.

This took me less then an hour to make by myself.

~ lily, washington kirkland