Dog kennel from an Ikea bag and camping mattress

Materials: Ikea blue shopping bag

Description: We’ve had a cold winter here in Perth and I thought my little fluffball needed an extra cosy place to sleep. This kennel was simple to make and created entirely from things that would (should) normally be thrown away. I say ‘normally’ as most people don’t hoard clutter like I do, but you just never know when it might come in handy, right?

All you need is a thin foam mattress (I used a camping mattress), which makes the roof, floor and sides, and some material for the front and back, an Ikea shopping bag is perfect – durable and easy to wipe clean.

Next, roll your mattress into a cylinder and hold the short edges together with bulldog clips or strong pegs. Then lay out your front and back fabric, the Ikea bag in this case, and bend your mattress into a kennel shape (a cylinder with a flat side). Trace the kennel shape on to the end piece. Cut two pieces from this to make the kennel front and back. I didn’t take a picture of this as you kind of need both your hands and knees for this bit.

Cut a hole for the door and use duct tape or sew some sturdy fabric around it for added strength.

Now thread a nice big needle with strong thread and get stitching – all around the front and back and along the remaining bottom edge of the mattress.

Put an old pillow inside and it’s done! I’m pleased to report that the dog LOVES it!!

See more pictures of the dog kennel from the IKEA blue bag.

~ meggipeg, Perth, Western Australia