Expedit storage bed

IKEA Expedit storage bed

Materials: Expedit shelving unit, Sultan Lade

Description: I used 5 Expedit shelves as the base, arranged so that there were no gaps along the 2 exposed sides.

I built a bed box for the top by cutting planks into boards 6″x77.75″ (2 each) and 6″x40″ (2 each).

The boards for the bed box were held together with screws through the end and corner braces on the inside. I used the Expedit wall fasteners to secure the bed to three of the bookcases so the mattress and bed would not shift.

I used the Sultan Lade twin size bed slats across for support and two flat metal bars I had left over from another project to support the slats in the gap between Expedit shelves.

The Expedit shelf in the front middle is not anchored so we can pull that out and get to the shelves in the back for long term storage like winter clothes and such. Not easily, but it can be done so it’s not totally wasted space.

Drona bins and Leksvik stool are also pictured.

~ Meredith