‘Lumiere’ Table lamp

Materials: Ikea wooden candlestick holder

Description: I bought a drill bit (3/18″), that was long enough to go through the candlestick holder and drilled a hole. I bought some candlestick holders from Ikea and Michaels. The wooden candlestick holder from Michaels, has a metal piece that needs to be removed first, but that is easy to do. Then started drilling. I spray painted the unfinished wood candlestick holder.

I drilled a hole through the second candlestick holder from Ikea (wood finished). Spray painted it lightly, so it would match colors. (You could use both candlestick holders from Ikea, but I already had one that I wanted to use.)

I attached the lamp kit and used super glue to attach the two candlestick holders together.

Put on a lampshade and there you have it. My new table lamp. Hope you like it.

See more of the candlesticks lamp.

~ Beatrice