Seashell Crochet Lampshade to Inspire your next Crochet project

Like most people at Crochet Today, we love the convenience of IKEA furnishings but enjoy personalizing them with YARN. This project involves three IKEA lamps, the Melodi, Manljus, and Minut. Each lamp has a new crocheted covering made from cotton yarn (acrylics could melt, so cotton is the best choice for this project).


  • IKEA Melodi lampshade
  • MANLJUS lampshade
  • MINUT lampshade
  • cotton yarn
  • crochet hook

We provide stitch patterns and dimensions in the project pages in our magazine, but what’s important to remember is that each person’s gauge can be a little different, and personalizing the covers is probably the part that’s most fun! So take chances with color and stitch patterns, and keep the lamp handy so you can test-fit your cover as you work.

crochet lamp
Photo credit: Nicole Hill-Gerulat
crochet lamp
Photo credit: Nicole Hill-Gerulat
crochet seashell lamp
Photo credit: Nicole Hill-Gerulat

The Melodi and the Manljus styles are a little tricky, but the Minut lamp is very spherical, which makes it a *lot* like an idealized human head — do you see where I’m going? You’re making a lamp hat! Take a chance and try out hat patterns that will come out about the same as the lamp size.

We’re planning more IKEA hacking at the magazine — everything can use a little more crochet, we think. And would love to see your versions of these lamps, whether or not you use our patterns. Have fun!

~ by Rose White/Crochet Today magazine, South San Francisco