Expedit Bar Table OR Kitchen Trolley


Description: This is my 1st Ikea hack after I figured to get a bar table and also a kitchen table. I merged both of them into a mobile bar table with enough space to put in some kitchen appliances.

Step 1: After assembling Expedit 2 X 2 shelving unit, attach both casters based on Ikea instruction manual.

Step 2: Mark 12cm away from edge of the top shelf. Drill 2 holes using 6mm then 10mm drill bit. (This might need patience to drill slowly as the hollow Expedit board holes tends to tear apart if drilled in haste.)

Step 3: Put both Capitas on Expedit shelf and mark the bottom of Ekby board based on Capita holes. (after adjust to the right angle of course)

Step 4: Screw all screws on Ekby board and put on top of the Expedit holes, fasten the nut. (This is the drawback portion as Expedit top board is thicker than Capita threaded rod, I only managed to screw tight one of them without washers.)

Step 5: Put in the assembled Lekman boxes.

Well, there is a slight problem on the nut fastening but so far it holds quite well, just keep in mind not to lean on the Ekby board too hard as hollow Expedit board won’t hold. Credit to the fellow Ikea hackers who gave me this idea.

~ Yong Lee Ming, Malaysia