Versatile Expedit Crafting Table

Materials: Expedit (3 of the 2×2 bookcases), pine boards, pine edging, MDF board, varnish

1. Build the three Expedit units as per IKEA instructions.
2. Cut a sheet of MDF to size for the table top: (2*Expedit Width)*(1*Expedit Width)+1″ all around. These proportions are important because they allow you ultimate versatility with the layout of the Expedit units once the table is complete. The extra inch is to allow a little wiggle room so that you don’t damage the units when you lift the table top on and off.

3. Nail pine boards to cover the MDF.
4. Add the pine edging along the four edges.
5. Sand the table thoroughly, softening the corners on all of the edges.
6. Arrange the Expedit units as you wish (H or C shape for example.)
7. Lay the table top on.
8. Stain and varnish as desired. We chose a walnut stain and high gloss varnish.

The table top isn’t secured to the Expedit units. It has a lip underneath it that fits snugly over the units to prevent it from slipping from side-to-side, while still allowing us to rearrange the units to suit. The beauty of this design is that you can flip the table top (we plan to cover the underneath with felt so that we can use it as a gaming table when flipped), and you can rearrange the Expedit units as you please. It works perfectly well with 2, 3, or 4 units, so as your needs change, so does your table.

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~ Lisa Healy, Ireland