CD Rack Turned Medal Holder

Materials: CD Rack, dowel, drill

Description: I’ve collected quite a few medals from my runs and triathlons over the past few years and wanted a way to display them. Medal holders can be bought, but we had this CD rack (and all digitized music) at home so I re-purposed it.

1. Take out all the divider shelves.
2. Find the center of each shelf by drawing a line from each corner making an X in the center.
3. Using a drill, make a hole in the center of each shelf.
4. On the large CD unit, turn it 45 degrees and drill extra mounting holes through the back. Now the rack is a shelf.
5. Reattach each end shelf and at least one middle shelf to the main CD unit. If you leave out the middle shelf, the dowel sags a bit.
6. Attach to wall and slide dowel through the drilled holes in the shelves.
7. Decorate!

* Be sure to drill holes at least 1/8″ larger than your dowel or it won’t slide through easily.
* I think this same hack could be used in a craft room to hang ribbons and wrapping paper.

~ Tracey