Granas Chairs turned in to a Bench

Materials: 3 Granas Chairs

Description: Hi I’m Ashli from Mini Manor Blog.

We needed a bench, it had to have a back, and I new that I wanted something with an industrial look!

I love the combination of metal and wood. I was searching Craigslist for benches when I came across some Ikea Granas Chairs, they had great clean lines, and the cross backs made me very happy ;).

We found 3 chairs for $25!
We bought 3 1×6’s each board was 6 feet long.
We stained them a medium walnut color.

We removed the wicker seats from their metal frames, and were able to use the existing holes (for the screws that held the wicker seats in place) to screw in and secure the boards to the chair.

And for the finishing touch we simply stenciled on a little instruction . . . SIT.

I think that an added shelf on the bottom would also be great if you were planning on using it as a hall bench, a quick place to stash your shoes or maybe a basket or two!

I hope you enjoyed our hack!

~ Ashli, British Columbia, Canada