Ambilight enabled Hovet mirror

Materials: IKEA Hovet mirror, self-adhesive LED cable with power supply, J-shaped aluminum molding bar

Description: To get some cool vibes out of my Hovet mirror placed at the very end of a narrow hallway, I decided to play a little bit with LED lightning.

Step 1: Take precise measurements of the height and width of all sides of the mirror frame. Saw the molding bars to their correct length with 45 degree corners accordingly, so that you can create an additional frame by attaching the molding bars on the mirror edges. You can attach the bars for example with screws or glue.

Step 2: Attach the self-adhesive LED cable to the backside of the molding bars. Depending on the cable, you might need to cut it in the corners and use some soldered cords to connect the pieces with each other. The IKEA led bars and cables can of course be used also.

Step 3: To get the power supply and LED cable cords behind the mirror, drill holes in the mirror aluminum edge. Attach the power supply to the backside of the mirror.

Step 4: Connect the power supply to the led cable and you’re ready.

To boost the effect of the ambient light, I painted the wall with a structure paint, so that the surface becomes slightly three-dimensional. For some extra comfort, I also attached a remote controlled power switch behind the mirror.

~ Jussi, Finland