White wedding console


Materials: Östhamra wall cabinet + Vika structure

Description: So, we needed a console for the entrance hall of our apartment. Should we say as a disclaimer, that the majority of our apartment has wood on the roof and walls (except for the kitchen and bathrooms). And all the flooring is dark cork (pretty comfortable!). Since this results in a rather dark environment, the option for white or light coloured furniture is logic.

We had been browsing our local Ikea store on a regular basis, since we changed the furniture of the bedrooms, living room, and then proceeded to the kitchen (one kitchen hack is to be posted too). So, in every trip we tried to find an already made console that should fit the space and meet our aesthetic requirements. We couldn’t find any good compromise, so we went into hacking mode.


The Östhamra is a small wall cabinet that should be fixed directly into the wall. It has small depth, but it was perfect for our needs, in terms of size.

The Vika wooden structure (white) was the perfect complement. The problem was how to combine it with the wall cabinet. Since these were two new and modern elements, we thought that the element of connection should be a bit more rustic. So we got an old and sturdy wooden pallet, and took one of the planks off. This plank was sanded (to remove the dirt and splinters) and then painted, in white, of course.

Since the plank is heavy, and the wall cabinet was to be placed in a offset position, regarding the center of the Vika structure, the balance of the whole group was far from perfect. The solution was to use strong screws in order to get the Vika and the wooden plank together. Further help came from one metal part, that helps you to fit anything to a wall (I got this from one Faktum kitchen cabinet). So, the wooden plank is fixed to the Vika structure and also to the wall. The Östhamra cabinet just lays on top, no fixation was needed. Et voilá, white wedding console done. Hope you like it as much as we do.

~ Paulo Lima, Portugal