Stairway to Cat Heaven


Materials used:

1 mid lack shelf, 9,99 €

3 small lack shelves, each 5,99 €

1 Persby shelf, 5 € from as-is-section in IKEA

2 rolls of double-faced adhesive tape 11 €

Grey rug from another store 4 €

Rug Egeby, 24,99 €

Steel nails, approx. 2 €

Screws and anchors ca. 2 €

In total less than 80 EUR for the complete set-up


First you have to decide where to put your stairway to cat heaven.
While your hubby drills the holes according to ikea instructions, you may glue the rug unto the shelves with adhesive tape. The sisal rug Egeby is used for scratching, you can fix it to wall with steel nails.

Much better than any cheap scratching tree and sooo much better looking!