How to add PAX sliding doors on your own woodwork

pax sliding doors hack

Update: Reversible finger brackets for PAX sliding doors

As I mentioned in the initial project description, if you swap the doors left to right like I did, and you fit the soft closing devices, you lose 8cm width of opening, as the soft closing device finger bracket for the outside door is not reversible.

Today, I adapted the finger bracket so that it is reversible and now allows the doors to open fully. Fortunately, the finger position is central, relative to the fixing holes.

Here’s what I did:

1. Cut a notch in the bracket, as shown, to accommodate the finger. I used an angle grinder.

2. Check that the 10mm dimension is OK for your door, by measuring the height of the top of the finger relative to the top edge of the door.

The 8.5 & 31.5mm dimensions are the same as for the original oval holes.

Drill 2, 8mm holes & check that they line up correctly with the threaded inserts of the door (& adjust if necessary) before countersinking.

The left-hand edge of the oval hole has to be adjusted. I used a file.

3. The finished part.

4. The bracket back in place.

I had some difficulty when re-hanging the doors (the 2-meter doors with mirrors weigh a ton!), so I finally removed the lower rail. Once the doors were running OK on the top rail, I could concentrate on putting the lower rail back in place.

(Update: With the latest version of the soft closing device parts, you can choose which door (left or right) is the outside one. This hack is no longer necessary, unless you have the older versions of the device.)

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~ by Richard King, Belgium

Jules Yap

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