The 10 Coolest Hacks for our Favorite IKEA Products

#6 Ottoman from the ever popular IKEA VITTSJÖ

Create a unique and beautiful footstool to rest your legs. It’s at a height that’s great for propping your legs up or as a bench.

favorite ikea products hacked - VITTSJO

#7 Make a Cute Vanity from the EKBY ALEX Shelf

Looking for a makeup table to hold all your cosmetics and add style to your bedroom? Why not use the EKBY ALEX to make yourself one. Just mount the shelf on the wall and add some tapering legs to complete the look. 

favorite ikea products hacked - EKBY alex

Credit: New Blooming

You can also add a stool with long legs to complement your vanity. What are you waiting for? Create yours and look beautiful every day!

#8 Our favorite IKEA LACK in rustic style

The living room is the heart of a coffee lover’s house. It is where he comes to relax and unwind after a long day. And for that reason, a coffee table becomes the heart of your living room. Then, why not have something beautiful? Like this rustic LACK.

favorite ikea products hacked - LACK coffee table

If you have an eye for modern furniture, you can add some tapered legs in a different shade to bring some style to this plain table. Amazon and Etsy have a good selection of legs that you can add to your coffee table to give it a new look.

lack coffee table - mid century style

#9 Make a Modern Terrarium from the BORRBY Lantern

You can add some plants into your home without breaking the bank. Simply plant a small fern in a BORRBY Lantern turned terrarium.

Just get some sealant for the lantern bottom, sides, and live moss for your plant. You may also choose to add some decorative stones or charcoal to your terrarium. See tutorial.

BORBBY terrarium

Credit: Thou Swell

#10 Stylish backpack from blue bags

favorite ikea products hacked - frakta

And finally, we can’t round up the list without mentioning the most favorite of all favorite IKEA products — the amazing IKEA blue bags. You’ll need a few of the FRAKTA bags, the ability to work a sewing machine and about 16 hours to make a roll-top, rain-repelling backpack. See more here.

Final Thought

These are just a few tips on how you can convert simple and inexpensive pieces to create those items you would like to add to your home.

Want to turn your favorite IKEA products into a masterpiece inexpensively? Here are more hacks on how you can do this and so much more.

With simple IKEA products, the sky’s the limit, and you can be as creative as you want.

~ by Jessica Smith