IKEA HEMNES sideboard to kitchen peninsula

The IKEA HEMNES sideboard was chipped and looking shabby after an international move. At the same time, our kitchen table and chairs were equally shabby. So we replaced them with this IKEA HEMNES kitchen peninsula hack and countertop stools.

IKEA HEMNES kitchen peninsula hack

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IKEA items and other materials:
ikea hemnes

Photo: IKEA.com

  • IKEA HEMNES sideboard (bought pre-loved, approx 50 USD)
  • Paint and varnish (approx 10 USD)
  • Custom made stained wood top (approx 100 USD)
  • Sandpaper 

Turning the IKEA HEMNES into a kitchen peninsula

First, we sanded the assembled HEMNES sideboard. Then, painted it with several coats of Jotun Silk Sea Emerald.

I painted three coats of emulsion and a two coats of varnish over 3 days, letting the paint fully dry before the varnish.

Once I got the custom-made stained worktop I placed it on top of the HEMNES sideboard, adjusting the overhang to where I want it to be.

Then, drilled four screws from under the top of the HEMNES sideboard into the wood of the worktop. We drilled at each corner of the HEMNES, from beneath.

kitchen peninsula hack

The countertop is very heavy and doesn’t move when placed on the HEMNES. But as a precaution, (I have kids), I screwed it in because I didn’t want it to tip.

The worktop measures 160cm x 75cm. The countertop overhangs on one side more than the other so the drawers can be accessed.

kitchen peninsula diy

Lastly, we moved the the HEMNES peninsula into position And that was it.

What do you like most about the hack?

The colour.

I think I will get the stool tops replaced with the same wood as the counter top.

What to pay special attention to?

Seal every part with varnish since it is being used in a kitchen/wet area.

Looking back, would you have done it differently?

I would have made the top slightly wider — it is now 75cm × 160cm.

~ Bridgee Dunn