IKEA RÅSKOG Cart and 14 hacks we love most

IKEA hacks for the popular RÅSKOG utility cart.

Someone at Swedish Furniture store once told me the IKEA RÅSKOG utility cart is one the best selling items on their inventory. And I wasn’t in the least bit surprised.

The RÅSKOG is a cute 3-tier rolling cart that everyone seems to want, even when they have no use for it. It was first introduced in the sweet color of turquoise, then mellowed down to the current black and white. The baby RÅSKOG — IKEA RÅSHULT — is still offered in turquoise. (The only difference between the RÅSKOG and RÅSHULT is the size. The RÅSHULT is 5 inches shorter and about 2 inches narrower. A good choice if you need a cart for a tight space.)

Made from steel with an epoxy powder coating, the IKEA product has been tested for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Though certainly not limited to these two spaces, as you’ll see our list of the best IKEA RÅSKOG hacks.

1. Rolling Herb Garden

herb garden cart

Use the RÅSKOG as a herb garden cart. You can use a bit of gold contact paper and some washi tape to decorate. Or you don’t need to hack anything if you don’t want. Then place all your favorite herbs in the, push it to next to a sunny window for year round fresh herbs.

Not into herbs? It’s good for succulents and cacti too.

2. IKEA hack a handy sewing trolley

IKEA RÅSKOG hacks - sewing trolley

When you don’t have a dedicated craft room for your sewing supplies and gear, try this Sewing Cart hack on for size. It will fit a sewing machine in its tray. (Tip: Assemble the top storage tray upside down to get a flat “table” top from which you can use the sewing machine. You’ll also get a taller storage volume in the second tier.) Wheel the sewing station to your work spot and back into storage when you’re done.

3. Ironing board on wheels

IKEA RÅSKOG hacks - ironing board on wheels

You don’t want the hassle of bringing out the big ironing board when you need to do a quick press. This ironing board on wheels hack solves the problem. Store your iron and spray bottles on the shelf below the board.

4. Fish tank stand

IKEA RÅSKOG hacks - fish tank stand

You probably didn’t think of this — an IKEA RASKOG cart to display a betta fish and snail tank. Barbara didn’t like the idea of the tank being IN the cart. So she turned the top basket over and made it into a shelf. It works perfectly and the whole set-up makes moving the tank, when she has to, a breeze. Assembly is as per IKEA instructions except to turn the top basket over and assemble as you would the normally.

5. RÅSKOG knitting trolley with magnetic rack

IKEA RÅSKOG hacks - knitting trolly

No more lost needles and stitch markers. Yarnaut was tired of always losing small knitting items like scissors, needles and stitch markers. She placed three magnets on the inside of the top basket and used these to suspend smaller metal items on the front.

As for larger items like scissors, she used the FINTORP magnetic knife rack as the curved edges of the trolley baskets made easy for larger items to slip off. For this, she placed two magnets on either side on the back of the FINTORP knife rack. These magnets should be approximately 1cm thick because they have to stick out further than the edge of the knife rack.

6. Shorter 2-Tier IKEA RÅSKOG cart

IKEA RÅSKOG hacks - shorter cart

Bob wanted to use the IKEA RÅSKOG utility cart next to their two-seat sofa but at 30 3/4″ it was too tall. Luckily, the tubes that support the tier trays come in an upper and lower section. To make them the right height for the loveseat, he left out one basket and the top section of the upright tubes. The top tube sections have a metal plug at the top to give them a finished look. He just inserted a wooden dowel into the tubes and tapped out the plugs, then tapped them into the tops of the lower sections, and assembled the rest according to the IKEA assembly manual. The result is two inexpensive, rolling end “tables”, which allow them to be moved easily for vacuuming.

7. Utility cart to DIY desk space

An unusual IKEA desk hack using two IKEA carts as pedestals. KayGardiner posted on her Instagram of what looks like a LINNMON table top propped on top of two IKEA carts. The caster wheels are removed for stability and avoid a runaway desk situation. A suggestion was to flip the top basket for more storage on the second level.

8. Cat bunk beds

This may give the DUKTIG pet bunk bed hack a run for its money. Just lay some plush fabric or towels in the baskets and let the cats have a go at it.

9. Mobile kitchen island

Add on the HÖGSMA chopping board as a cart topper on the IKEA RÅSKOG cart and you’ll end up with a mobile, compact kitchen island. Very useful if you have limited countertop space in your kitchen. @robineggsbluecreations figured out the magnetic paper towel holder normally mounted on fridges would work on the RASKOG too. And it does!

10. All-in-one cleaning supplies cart

ikea raskog hack cleaning supplies cart

A “why didn’t I think of that moment” hit me when I saw @odetoless’ super practical cleaning supplies RÅSKOG cart hack. The bottom tier holds sponges and bottles of cleaning solution. The second for smaller items and a handheld vacuum. I love the 3M broom grippers and hooks on the side of the cart basket to hold up the brooms and mops. These clip on hooks may be a good option too. Watch her video on how to set up a cleaning supplies cart.

11. Craft supplies cart hack

One cannot talk about IKEA RÅSKOG hacks without including one for craft supplies. And this one from Emmely just about takes the cake. She cleverly combined the IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard to the cart to increase its storage capacity and hang things such as long crafting rulers. Craft storage all organized! See her tutorial.

12. Turn the IKEA RÅSKOG utility cart into a bar cart

bar cart hack
Caroline Burke | Hunker

Quickly turn the trolley into a mobile bar cart for outdoor entertaining. Place selected bottles at the bottom shelf and glass in the middle. At the top shelf, place your bottle opener, bar knife, a few lemon and lime. You can make a custom chopping board as Caroline suggests or use the HÖGSMA chopping board. On the back of the chopping board, use a chalk or a non-permanent marker to write out your drinks menu. And prop it up on the top shelf when you’re ready to party.

13. Breakfast and Coffee station

IKEA suggests turning the RÅSKOG into a breakfast and coffee station. On one cart, load it up with your coffee brewing equipment, beans and tea leaves. On the other, your breakfast cereal, jars of nuts, seeds, dried fruit. Don’t forget the jam. And a few plates, mugs and utensils. Wheel it out to the dining room at the start of a new day.

14. Bathroom storage cart

Bring the little cart into the bathroom and start organising your toiletries, especially if you’re in a rental without adequate bathroom storage space. Toilet paper rolls fit snugly in the baskets, so do towels.

15. IKEA RÅSKOG hacks for every room

The fact is the IKEA RÅSKOG is a versatile piece of furniture and its uses are endless. Other ideas for the RÅSKOG:

  • In the Nursery – a diaper changing cart
  • In the bedroom – a rolling vanity for your beauty supplies
  • Laundry room storage
  • Kids room homework station
  • Playroom arts and crafts cart
  • Garage – tool storage

What do you use the RÅSKOG for? Let us know in the comments. And if you have IKEA RÅSKOG hacks in your home, share it with us.

Is the RÅSKOG adjustable?

The height of the middle tray is adjustable. You can also flip the top tray over to get a flat top instead of a basket.

Is there a wood topper for the IKEA RÅSKOG cart?

Yes, IKEA sells a wood topper called the HÖGSMA made to fit the curves of the RÅSKOG top tray. The HÖGSMA can also be used on its own as a chopping board.

What’s the difference between the IKEA RÅSKOG and RÅSHULT?

The RÅSKOG and RÅSHULT are different in size. The RÅSHULT is 5 inches shorter and about 2 inches narrower than the RÅSKOG. You can use the RÅSKOG like a kitchen counter on wheels. As for the shorter RÅSHULT, it’s handy for under the table storage.

How do you paint the IKEA RÅSKOG cart?

First, clean and dry all the parts you wish to paint. Then spray one or two coats of metal primer over it to cover the original color. Let dry thoroughly. Lastly, spray paint the IKEA RÅSKOG in your preferred color. Spray thin coats in long strokes. Let dry and repeat until you get even coverage.