DIY Table with lamp attached

A practical space-saving solution — a table with lamp attached. Lighting and end table in one.

These IKEA hacks feature coffee and bedside tables with built-in lamps to provide accent lighting. You can even add on task lighting if you choose a floor uplighter with a reading lamp.

Two easy DIY projects that require minimal tools for a beautiful multi-functional side table lamp.

2-in-1 convenient floor lamp with table

We did this because we were tired of the arc lamp in our living room. And we’ve always wanted direct light on the table. After some brainstorming, we came up with the idea for a built-in tabletop lamp.

table with lamp attached IKEA hack

IKEA item used:

IKEA LISABO coffee table, ash veneer (70×70 cm)
Leen Bakker Lamp Cape Town (149x25x25 cm) You can, of course, use other similar lamps for this DIY table lamp project.

DIY coffee table with built-in lamp

First, I painted the IKEA table black to match the lamp.

Then, drilled a hole in the middle, 25 mm.

The lamp is from Leen Bakker and it consists of 3 parts. I loosened the wiring. And then I turn the tube into the hole. Once through I fixed the rod to the plate of the floor lamp. I used a few screws to neatly secure the plate to the underside of the table. This makes the lamp stable and square.

fixing the floor plate to the underside of the table

To finish I rolled a rubber tube over the rod, so that the connection hole with tube is covered. Lastly I reconnected the wiring, placed the shade over the bulb and it’s done.

table with lamp attached IKEA hack

~ by Olaf Stoppel

IKEA End table with lamp attached

This IKEA hack consists of 2 IKEA LACK side tables and one NOT Floor Lamp. You can use any of the IKEA standing floor lamps with a rod. In a small space it’s useful to have a table with an integrated lamp. It provides illumination for the entire room and we still have space on the 2- tier table for our mobile phones, books and other decor.

IKEA items used:   

LACK side table x 2
NOT Floor Lamp

LACK and IKEA NOT uplighter



How to make your own table with lamp attached

Assemble the first LACK together as per the instructions then glue the top from the second LACK to the bottom. The good side faces up. Stick on four furniture felt pads to protect your floor if necessary.

Decide where you want the lamp attached at the table. I wanted it slightly off-center and not smack in the middle of the table which may reduce the use of the table surface.

After I marked the spot, I drilled a proper sized hole through the IKEA top table. The hole needs to go through both top and bottom layers of particleboard and the honeycomb filling in between. Once I cleaned up the hole, I passed the pole of the NOT lamp through the top table.

table with lamp attached IKEA hack

I shortened the lamp by one section to suit the dimensions of the table. But it’s optional and you can have the table lamp at full height.

~ by William Lefler