Toddler Closet ideas and hacks: Grow with IKEA

toddler closet ideas ikea hacks

Toddlers are not quite ready for a full-sized kids wardrobe just yet but they are at the stage where they are increasingly aware of colours and textures. They are learning to choose (and throw everything out of a drawer).

A toddler closet where they can access their clothes (or a selection of them) is a wonderful addition to your child’s room or nursery.

These ideas for a toddler closet do not use regular IKEA kids wardrobes. Rather, IKEA storage units, toy storage frames and more are hacked into wardrobes for little ones.

You can even repurpose an old changing table into a small closet. The fun is in discovering what you can do with the IKEA furniture you may already have and turn them into something meaningful that grow with your child’s needs.

Use the links below to jump to these specific toddler closet ideas:

  1. IKEA Storage Unit as a Toddler Closet
  2. TROFAST Montessori-inspired kids closet
  3. IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Kids wardrobe
  4. KALLAX toddler wardrobe hack

1. Use an IKEA storage unit as a toddler closet

toddler closet ideas and hacks with IKEA VIHALS storage unit

We decided our toddler no longer needed a nursery and that it would be great if he could choose his own clothes from his closet.

So we purchased the new IKEA VIHALS storage unit. He doesn’t really need hanging space, so we decided to use some hooks on the side. In the open space, we ended up storing all his books.

We also decided to personalize it a bit to suit our kid’s room decor.

IKEA items used:

Other materials and tools:

  • A piece of leftover cork (with the glue that came with it)
  • Washers
  • A piece of sticker paper and a printer

1. First I assembled the VIHALS. It was fairly simple to do by myself, even with my 1,5-year-old sleeping in the next room. We didn’t use the handles that came with it.

2. Then I added a HACKÅS set of handles to the drawers. I ended up putting some extra duct tape and washer rings at the back, to give some extra support. Because of drilling the holes, the woodwork was a bit damaged.

duct tape to reinforce screw holes

3. One door I covered with some leftover piece of cork.

4. And at the side, I glued an old HAVERN hook rack.

5. Because we now did not have any handles on the doors, I used a leftover BESTÅ soft-closing/push-open underneath one of the shelves. And put a label of a hand on the door (still have to print a left hand though) so my toddler would know exactly where to push.

push open label for BESTA push opener

This hack only took one trip to IKEA and an afternoon to assemble. I really like this simple, but personal hack and for now this is the perfect closet for him since he not yet needs a really big one. And in the future, the VIHALS can be easily used in a home office. 

~ by Marleen K

2. Hack a Montessori-inspired kids closet

Nicole hacked a Montessori inspired children’s clothes wardrobe out of the IKEA TROFAST storage units. To hang up the clothes she added a tension rod within the TROFAST frames. TROFAST shelves and woven baskets for smaller items complete the ensemble. Easy peasy! With the open frames, her boy can easily pick and choose his outfit of the day.

3. Repurpose kitchen cabinets into kids wardrobe

Using two IKEA kitchen cabinet Marthe added a clothes rail to each cabinet and turned them into a roomy wardrobe for children’s jackets and clothes. You can probably add a shelf at the bottom or bins at the back for more storage space. Squeeze in some space below for footwear storage too.

4. Hack a KALLAX into a toddler’s closet

Carolina takes the KALLAX 2×2 shelving and transforms it into a handy closet for the little one. She left a shelf out and clamped a tension rod at the top. This space is just right for sweaters. Onesies are in the top drawer, pants are in the bottom drawer. Socks and tights are in the basket. Et voilà! An organized closet.

Do you have more ideas for a toddler closet? Send them in to us.

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