PLATSA wardrobe and ENHET doors are beautiful together

The IKEA PLATSA system is one of the most important storage solutions IKEA introduced in recent years, featuring a winning formula of modularity and an improved assembly method. It uses the “click and snap” system first launched with the wooden LISABO table back in 2017, which promised to significantly reduce the time taken to assemble or disassemble furniture. With this method, you also don’t need tools to assemble a PLATSA frame. No more fiddling with Allen keys. (Doors, however, are a different story.)

Platsa storage unit

How is the PLATSA wardrobe different from the PAX?

They serve different functions. PAX is clearly the winner when you’re looking to fit out your wardrobe with specialised storage like jewellery trays, trouser hangers and all types of storage organisation.

The PLATSA is simple, basic with no bells and whistles. The range feature shelves, drawers, open storage and a few hooks and rails. That’s it.

Where the PLATSA wins is flexibility. You can fit the PLATSA under the stairs or a sloped ceiling. You can make it into a low toy storage bench. So choose the PLATSA or PAX wardrobe depending on your storage needs.

The problem with PLATSA doors

It’s uninspiring.

The number one request is for more PLATSA door options. Unlike the PAX, the PLATSA door collection is tiny. But as we know, limitations often lead to brilliance like this IKEA PLATSA door hack.

And Meg’s fabulous discovery.

She found that ENHET doors work with the PLATSA. While the ENHET door range is not huge, at the very least, they let you have more options for the PLATSA. Like this lovely oak effect door.

Door options was not the only reason Meg decided to IKEA hack the PLATSA wardrobe. The narrow ENHET doors solved another problem. “I had quite a narrow walkway between the end of the bed and the front of the wardrobe frame. A full width 600mm wide door would have completely blocked the walkway when opened, making it difficult for another person to walk past.”

Her solution was to use the oak finish ENHET door as it was the same height (1800mm) as the PLATSA frame, but only 300mm wide, enabling two doors to be attached to each frame.

She adds, “I also liked the idea of a repeated tall linear design element, and the scale was better suited to the proportions of the space.”

Here’s a shot of how the space looked before the PLATSA wardrobe hack.

wardrobe space - before
PLATSA wardrobe door hack
And after!

IKEA items used: 

  • PLATSA frames (600mm x 1800mm) x 6
  • ENHET oak effect doors (1800mm x 300mm) x 12
  • HJÄLPA Hinges

IKEA PLATSA wardrobe with ENHET door hack

All steps in this hack followed traditional IKEA installation instructions, up until it came time to fit the doors.

frames assembly in progress with metal legs
IKEA PLATSA wardrobe assembly in progress

To verify her instinct, Meg purchased a single ENHET door and HJÄLPA hinge and tested the fit in the IKEA car park prior to placing the rest of her order. Thankfully they did fit!

“Earlier in the showroom, I measured the hole distance and alignment of the PLATSA frame by taking a pencil rubbing using an IKEA pencil and a PLATSA brochure. I knew that the hinge was compatible with the doors, however I wasn’t 100% confident that the alignment of the hinge mounting holes would fit the frame. I was prepared to drill new holes, if required,” she says of her smart move.

IKEA HJALPA hinge fixed on PLATSA frame combined with ENHET door

Thankfully when it came time to fit the first door, everything went together perfectly. And voilà!

IKEA PLATSA ENHET wardrobe door hack

How long and how much did it cost?

I purchased everything apart from the legs/frame from IKEA.

What do you like most about the PLATSA wardrobe hack?

The overall aesthetic and functionality 

IKEA PLATSA ENHET wardrobe door hack

Looking back, would you have done it differently?

Nothing really. I have only chosen to attach two hinges per door at the moment, but additional hinges could be added if required.

~ by Meg

view from outside the room