How to hack a large LEGO table for older kids

We needed a place to store our many LEGO bricks but also a place where the building structures could stay out on display for a while. And we needed the entire LEGO table to be movable. What was also essential was the LEGO table needed to be large enough for our 3 older kids to play at the same time.

DIY large LEGO table for older kids

IKEA items used:

  • TROFAST Wall Organizer x 6

Other materials and tools: 

DIY large LEGO Table for Older Kids  

Buy 6 IKEA TROFAST Wall Organizers. (I did not use the larger 52 cm [20 1/2 inch high] TROFAST model as it would be too tall after adding the wheels. I wanted our kids to be able to sit all around the table on the floor and still easily reach over and use the play table. But if you do not need to move your LEGO table around on wheels, the larger TROFAST model will also work for a DIY LEGO table.

The good thing about adding wheels is we can move the table way and vacuum. And also easily rescue any brick or minifig that has fallen under the table.

Besides the TROFAST units, we got 1 wooden plank approximately 95 cm x 155 cm in size. We then cut them into 6 individual planks: 2 measuring 130 cm long and 4 at 60 cm long.

Step 1: Place the 6 TROFAST Wall organizers according to the plan.

IKEA trofast units

Step 2: Attach them together with the planks

DIY large LEGO table for older kids

After securing the planks to the TROFAST unit, add 4 caster wheels at each corner.

Step 3: Prepare the table top

MDF board painted black

I had an MDF board cut to the right size to cover the 6 TROFAST units and painted the board black. After the paint dried, I glued it to the top of the TROFAST units.

Step 4: Add TROFAST bins

I used this wireless label maker to print out labels for the bins. It’s optional but helps keep the LEGO bricks organized. And that’s it. The large LEGO table is done!

We did not glue the baseplates down on the LEGO table top as it wasn’t necessary for our older kids. The LEGO table wasn’t very hard to make. The biggest cost for this DIY project were the TROFAST pieces. 

Bonus tip: You can make use the TROFAST units to configure any size you want. And you can also make a higher version with the TROFAST floor units.

~ by Nele Colle (See the complete tutorial on my site.)

Big LEGO table for big kids

This is a large LEGO table / workspace I made for my kids from KALLAX parts mostly. The table is set at a height where my kids can stand and play at the LEGO desk or pull a chair up and sit on both sides of the table. With this construction, it can be a 2-in-1 activity table.

DIY large LEGO table for older kids


  • KALLAX shelving unit x 2
  • LINNMON Desk
  • TROFAST bins

First I made legs for the tabletop from 2×4’s. They are glued and screwed to the underside of the LINNMON desk. Then I painted the legs black.

I cut the moulding to size and painted it black. Cut, glued and nailed the moulding to the top of the table and KALLAX bookshelves to stop LEGO building blocks from falling over the edge.

Then, I installed LEGO base plates to the tabletop surface. I used a bit of glue on the corners of the plates and pressed them down lightly. Use a LEGO brick to hold the edge of two plates together to make sure the gap spacing is right for bricks.

The last thing was to slot in the TROFAST storage bins and that’s about it.

~ Thibaut Colar, Seattle, WA

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