10 Wardrobe Secrets We’re Stealing from Beckham’s Envy-Inducing Closet

beckham closet
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In the latest Netflix docuseries “Beckham,” fans were treated to a tour of David Beckham’s massive walk-in closet in his London mansion. And it’s clear why this closet has gone viral. Spanning an entire room, the closet is understated and quietly luxurious. What is more impressive is his attention to detail.

Viewers are treated to a tour of his meticulously organized closet, separated by item type and color-coded. On the clothes rail, he runs through his categories for jackets, jean shirts, shirts, sweaters, and T-shirts. The drawers below hold underwear and socks folded in Marie Kondo style. T-shirts are folded “at an angle” so he can see what’s underneath. See a snippet here.

David Beckham has raised the bar for closet goals. But with some planning and organization, you can achieve a high-end closet of your own. Here are 10 tips inspired by Beckham’s closet tour.

1. Measure and maximize

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Measure the space and design for maximum storage. You may not have Beckham’s massive wardrobe space, but even 100-200 sq. ft. can work well. Discuss your plan with a wardrobe planner or use an online planner to maximize every square inch.

2. Invest in a wardrobe system

ikea pax wardrobe system
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Invest in customized closet systems like racks, shelves, and drawers to organize everything neatly. Look at closet brands like IKEA and ClosetMaid. If you have DIY prowess, you can transform the IKEA PAX range into an affordable walk-in closet.

3. Built-in where possible

built in closet
Built-in PAX wardrobe | Photo Credit: Erin Kestenbaum

Consider built-in storage solutions if remodeling to utilize vertical space fully. Built-ins last longer than free-standing racks.

4. Organize by type

gentlemen's closet like Beckham's closet
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What makes Beckham’s closet so effective is his meticulous categorization. He separates items into dedicated sections for easy browsing and retrieval. Shirts, pants, suits, and outerwear each have custom racks or shelves. Even smaller categories like underwear and accessories have dedicated drawers or cubbies. This allows him to intuitively find anything he needs without digging through piles. Categorizing by item type, rather than shoving everything in, makes a huge difference in the functionality of even a small closet.

5. Light where it matters

gentlemen's closet like Beckham's closet
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Beckham opts for both overhead and targeted lighting solutions. He has recessed lighting in the ceiling to illuminate the entire space. Additionally, he installed automatic wardrobe lights that turn on as the doors are opened, providing direct illumination right where it’s needed. For those with less space, consider LED strip lights or clamp lights to light problem areas adequately.

6. Group them together

group items together
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Beckham lines up his sunglasses and watches in neat rows on the shelf. He doesn’t seem to have many accessories (a surprise), but if you do, use labels, bins, and boxes to corral smaller items neatly.

7. Seating space

dressing room
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Consider adding seating or a dressing table if space allows for grooming and dressing comfortably.

8. Mirrors and more mirrors

mirrors on wardrobe doors
IKEA PAX wardrobe with mirror doors | Photo Credit: Cecilie Utnes Hansen.

Use mirrored closet doors for extra light reflection and to check outfits easily. A standing full-length mirror tucked into a corner will also do the trick.

9. Plan your outfits on a rack

clothes rack
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Beckham plans his weekly outfits and uses a clothes rack to hang them up. If you don’t have space for a similar rack, install hooks along the wall or on the side of the wardrobe.

10. Organize it your way

gentlemen pondering a closet like David Beckham's closet
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It’s clear Beckham has spent years fine-tuning his closet into a well-oiled machine. While his exact system may not suit everyone’s needs, there are valuable lessons to take away. The most important thing is organizing your closet in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle and wardrobe. You could categorize by season to easily see what’s appropriate each month. Or group by color to quickly spot complementary pieces. For some, it may work best to separate into sections for different occasions – work clothes, casual outfits, exercise gear. However you arrange it, the goal is a logical layout that works with your routine.

Take inspiration from celebrities like Beckham, but don’t feel you need to mimic their exact methods. With some trial and error, you can develop a personalized system that keeps your closet in tailored order.

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