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How to make a Star Wars Inspired Desk

We love Star Wars inspired IKEA hacks, the most famous of them being the Death Star lamp hack. Personal favorites are the R2D2 dresser and this hack for displaying Star War action figures. But they may soon be overtaken by an IKEA desk hack by Glen Vivaris of Glen Makes. Filmmaker/Lunar Landscaper Glen recycled an old desk from IKEA into a Star Wars inspired workbench. Probably just like one you’ll find in an old workshop on the planet of Hoth or Kamino. He says, “I […]

Star Wars Desk IKEA hack


August 10, 2022

Do It Yourself Lemonade Stand: A homemade hack

The reason for this IKEA hack was because my daughter suddenly wanted a lemonade stand and at the same moment she also wanted another wardrobe. Rather than discarding the IKEA MAMMUT wardrobe, I repurposed it into a lemonade stand.  In recent years, she has defrauded children in the neighborhood of thousands of kroner selling expensive lemonade and cookies. 🙂 IKEA items used: IKEA MAMMUT single door wardrobe Other items used: Wood planksLockable castor wheelsInflatable pool float How to make a lemonade […]

diy lemonade stand


August 4, 2022

DIY Table with lamp attached

A practical space-saving solution — a table with lamp attached. Lighting and end table in one. These IKEA hacks feature coffee and bedside tables with built-in lamps to provide accent lighting. You can even add on task lighting if you choose a floor uplighter with a reading lamp. Two easy DIY projects that require minimal tools for a beautiful multi-functional side table lamp. 2-in-1 convenient floor lamp with table We did this because we were tired of the arc lamp […]

table with lamp attached diy

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August 2, 2022

Simple And Beautiful Medal Display Ideas for Every Win

Looking for a way to display your medals? Want ideas on how to make your own medal display stand? Whether you want to fill a whole wall or a small corner, you’ll find an IKEA hack that will do just that. Check out our five simple ideas for DIY medal display! 1. Long display wall shelf for trophies and medals Just knocked up a long medal and trophy display wall shelf using 2 IKEA items. It was very affordable with […]

medal display ideas ikea hack

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July 25, 2022

IKEA RÅSKOG Cart and 14 hacks we love most

IKEA hacks for the popular RÅSKOG utility cart. Someone at Swedish Furniture store once told me the IKEA RÅSKOG utility cart is one the best selling items on their inventory. And I wasn’t in the least bit surprised. The RÅSKOG is a cute 3-tier rolling cart that everyone seems to want, even when they have no use for it. It was first introduced in the sweet color of turquoise, then mellowed down to the current black and white. The baby […]

ikea raskog hacks


July 22, 2022

IKEA BESTÅ TV unit ideas that are practical and useful

The IKEA BESTÅ TV units are among the best choice when it comes to media furniture from IKEA. They are not as cheap as a standalone TV units but the BESTÅ offers greater flexibility in space planning. You can mix and match BESTÅ frames to fit your space and storage needs. But don’t stop there, elevate your media center set-up with clever IKEA BESTÅ TV unit ideas and hacks to further optimise function and storage. Get inspired by our practical […]


July 20, 2022

18 unusual IKEA table lamp hacks and ideas to try at home

We love IKEA for its affordability and how you can mix and match lamp stand with different lamp shades. That’s part of the fun of IKEA but there are times, you want a table lamp that’s totally unique, totally you. Take a look at these 18 IKEA table lamp hacks and how each IKEA hacker personalised regular IKEA lighting fixtures into one-of-a-kind lighting pieces. They may not all be your style, but they are sure to make you take a […]

LEKMAN box lampshade

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July 15, 2022

How to make a cozy igloo bed for your dog or cat

We’ve had a cold winter here in Perth and I thought my little fluff ball needed an extra cosy place to sleep. I saw a few dog igloo beds for sale and thought I could make one myself instead of shelling out big bucks. This pet igloo (cause you can probably use it for a cat too) was simple to make and created entirely from things that would (should) normally be thrown away. I say ‘normally’ as most people don’t […]

igloo dog bed ikea hack

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July 14, 2022

Wooden keyboard stands you can easily make at home

If you’ve got yourself a piano keyboard, pairing it with a good stand is essential. The good news is it’s not hard to DIY a wooden keyboard stand. For that matter, a sturdy one. Or even a fancy keyboard stand that looks like a piano. Here’s are two piano stands that are the easiest to make. All you need are some basic woodworking skills and a store that will cut wood pieces for you. And you’re set. 1. DIY Piano […]

wooden keyboard stand ikea hack


July 12, 2022

Ideas to maximise storage in an IKEA galley kitchen

Melissa wants your ideas for her IKEA galley kitchen with no uppers. My husband and I are buying a little house with a lovely kitchen that was designed by people who probably don’t cook a lot and don’t have a lot of cooking equipment, supplies, serving pieces, spices, dishes, glassware, like we do.  It is a narrow galley kitchen with raised base kitchen cabinets and no wall cabinets. The sellers say the cabinets are IKEA, but are no longer being […]

ikea galley kitchen

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July 7, 2022

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