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SYMFONISK wifi speaker with wireless charger

Instead of putting the shade on it, I added a wireless charger onto the base of the SYMFONISK wifi speaker table lamp. IKEA item used: SYMFONISK lamp with wifi speaker Photo: Other materials and tools: Drill and drill bit Small fileHammerPhillips screwdriverHot glue gun Soldering gun and tinWireless charger5w transformerElectrical tapeA lot of patience and calm Adding wireless charger to wifi speaker: Not seen in the photos, but I pulled the switch through the mesh cover and I removed […]

wifi speaker wireless charger


January 28, 2021

Make a beautiful and affordable Guitar Humidor

A guitar humidor cabinet hack to maintain and display your instrument beautifully. If you own a decent guitar you might be tempted to hang it on a wall for ease of access and decoration. However, guitars need consistent humidity levels, and most of us don’t have humidity controlled rooms … So the default is to keep your beautiful instrument hidden in its case. A guitar humidor is an elegant solution – but they can cost upwards of $2000 – way […]

guitar humidor


July 21, 2020

An IKEA DJ Booth completes this supercool hideaway

After completing the bar in my garage, I had planned on adding a DJ Booth using IKEA elements. Finally, it is finally complete. IKEA items used: 6 x KALLAX units 77x77cm (202.758.14) 2 x packs of CAPITA stainless steel legs – 16cm (102.678.95) 1 x LINNMON black-brown table top – 200cmx60cm (802.513.58) 6 x RÄCKA white curtain rods 120-210cm (902.171.61) 1 x BJÄRNUM foldable hooks (3 pack) (601.525.90) Other item used: 1 x GOVEE Dream light kit  DJ booth IKEA […]

ikea dj booth

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May 28, 2020

A metal shelf that’s perfect as a guitar pedalboard

Metal shelf with ready made holes for a pedalboard. So. I needed a pedalboard for my bass guitar pedals. Going through my garage I found an ALGOT metal shelf I wasn’t using. I think it fits its purpose perfectly! IKEA items used: ALGOT metal shelf (in my case 40×38 cm, but there are also bigger ones to fit more pedals) FIXA stick-on floor protectors Optional: 2 ALGOT brackets 38 cm DIY metal pedalboard As the shelf is made of metal, there’s the option […]

metal pedalboard


May 19, 2020

How to build a Keyboard Stand that looks like a piano

With just a few IKEA materials, Neil made a keyboard stand that looks like a piano. It looks miles better than the double X foldable stand. Materials: LINNMON table top, black-brown, 150×75 cm – 35 euros LACK wall shelf, black-brown, 110×26 cm – 15 euros LALLE Leg (4), black, 70 cm – 60 euros total Handsaw Serrated knife Screws 5×60 mm Screw gun / power drill Wood glue Total cost: 110 euros Time needed: about 2 – 3 hours of […]

keyboard stand looks like piano

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March 23, 2020

IKEA SYMFONISK lives loud as a folded horn speaker

Little speaker, big sound in this folded horn speaker hack. I’m not that young anymore (born in 1965, the year of Moore’s law) but I’ve been interested in technology and engineering since I was young. My uncle Hubert inspired me: he helped me setting the first steps in electronics. He also gave me some old magazines, more than 30 years ago. The April 1964 issue of the Dutch magazine “Radio Bulletin” contained the building plan of a folded horn speaker […]

symfonisk folded horn speaker


February 13, 2020

IKEA featuring MDS: A built-in speaker shelf hack

BESTÅ cabinet gets a built-in speaker shelf. After some years of silence on the SUB arena of IKEAhackers I’m back again. The ”IKEA featuring JBL” is still living, but now in our new flat. (And yes, I have got some feedback from our new neighbors). Our son has moved out, so we built a small home office / guestroom. And we needed some sound there as well. The main part and intelligence comes from an AudioPro speaker but it needed […]

built-in speaker shelf ikea besta


February 6, 2020

Sonos SYMFONISK Move — the battery-powered speaker

The idea for the hack started when Sonos announced a battery-powered speaker for outdoor and indoor listening — the Sonos Move. But it came with the price tag of a whopping 399.- EUR. So I wanted a cheaper alternative and looked up the IKEA SYMFONISK bookshelf speaker. EUR 110 sounded a lot better to me. IKEA items used: SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker SYMFONISK | Other materials and tools: Mi Power Bank 2S Digital multimeter Screwdrivers Hot glue gun Step-up […]

battery-powered speaker ikea symfonisk sonos move


October 1, 2019

Make your own pedalboard in 10 minutes

Not including meatball eating time, of course. Why spend time and money searching for one when you can make your own fantastic pedalboard from IKEA in less than ten minutes? Today I went to the IKEA near my place with the goal of finding a pedalboard. And I found this great coat rack MACKAPÄR, which is actually TWO pedalboards ready to go! Materials: MACKAPÄR hat and coat rack Zip-ties Make your own pedalboard 1. Open up the MACKAPÄR coat and […]

mackapar pedalboard


July 29, 2019

Floor speaker stands made from IKEA chopping board

I made a set of floor speaker stands from IKEA chopping boards. The speakers are not going to move. These things weight about 30lbs. Much better than cheap floor speaker stands. Related: DIY speaker stands with ADILS table legs IKEA items used: Small FASCINERA x2 Silver ADILS x2 Other items: 8×8 concrete blocks x4 Concrete mix Walnut 12×12 wood pieces x2 Caulking Pail Misc nuts and bolts Laminate board large enough to mount both concrete blocks Paint (look for misfit/mistake […]

floor speaker stands

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April 5, 2019

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