ikea repurposeful hacks

IKEA inspires us to repurpose 12 products, including this greenhouse

Repurposeful Instructions for an IKEA cabinet that begs to be a greenhouse. IKEA seems to have caught the hacking (or repurposing) bug. Just last week, I featured IKEA Netherlands inviting 12 artists to shop the As-Is (Circular Hub, nowadays) and turn the items into works of art. Now IKEA Canada…

fjantig phone holder

Device-free dinner made easy with these 4 ideas

A dinner sans phones, tablets and devices? It’s possible. Hopefully, without a lot of kicking and screaming. We’re spending more and more time on our devices, scrolling, browsing and socialising. Even at dinner time, when families gather around the table. https://youtu.be/clpnRXi_7ac What if there’s a spot for everyone to check-in…

diy network rack

Plate holder completes this DIY network rack

I follow a lot of reddit subgroups which showcase network racks and I was tired of my setup where all the switches were all over the place and not organised. So I did some research and purchased a kitchen bridging unit and rewired my whole set up. Related: Never again…

One charging station to rule them all

One charging station to rule them all

Even though our household is just two-person-and-one-cat big, our kitchen desk was often messed up with USB-cables and chargers for our phones, tablets and camera batteries. So I decided to do my first IKEA hack — a KVISSLE + OSTBIT charging station — to make a bit less messy. This…

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