The IKEA hackers book

Ever since I started the IKEA hackers way back in 2006, many people have questioned me, “What? No IKEA Hackers book?”. Or just plainly told me, “You should write a book!”

Truth be told, I’ve always wanted to but somehow the plan to write one was lodged in the back burner for years. There were times I thought it would never come to be. Until late 2015, I blew the dust off the buried dream and yes, I can finally shout it out loud. With all the breath in my lungs: “YES! YES! YES! We have a Book.”

It’s a slim little book but YES, we have a book!

The IKEAhackers book

What’s in the IKEA hackers book?

The book features 25 of the best and biggest IKEA hacks that anyone can make and use in their homes. It’ll inspire you to see beyond the obvious when you go furniture shopping at IKEA.

You’ll find hacks on kid’s beds, even a cute doll house. It’ll have hacks for the living room including TV and media units, a sofa table and room divider. For the bedroom, there are two headboard hacks and a dressing table. A fantastic kitchen island and designer bar cart too. There’s certainly something for everyone in there, and for every level of DIY prowess.

The IKEAhackers book

It will comprise a mix of projects published on IKEA hackers and never-seen-before hacks. Previously published projects will carry expanded text and photos to make the projects easier to follow. Each project comes complete with step-by-step instructions as well as full-colour illustrations and photographs.

The IKEAhackers book

If you’ve followed the site for any amount of time, you’ll know I hardly ever post my own hacks on IKEA hackers’ site. But for the book, I broke the bank. In this book, you’ll see 7 exclusive projects which I co-created with a designer friend. We actually hacked 20 projects but narrowed it down to the best 7. I absolutely love them and I hope you’ll like them too.

Now, introducing the A-team …

The book is a collaboration among 19 contributors from all over the world, from different walks of life. We have one thing in common though — a love for IKEA hacking.

Without these 19 fantastic people, there would be no book. There were times the going was tough and the revisions aplenty, but they hung in there with the patience of a saint. I can’t thank them enough for contributing their time, effort and of course, their amazing hacks.

Let’s give it up for …


Amy Taylor of
“Mudroom Bench”


Ana Romero
“Junior Double Loft Beds”


Antonio Tapia and Scott Veder
“Beautiful BILLY BESTÅ Behemoth”


Bjørn Aksel Storaker of
“Double Murphy Bed”


Danielle Connelly
“Modernist Tea Trolley”


David Meyer
“Suspended Shelving”


Gretchen Howard
“Sweet STOLMEN window seat”


Jane Taylor of
“Cabin Bed with Hidden Den”


Jochem Cooiman
“Bookshelf Sofa Table”


Thomas and Katie Musser
“Built-in Home Office”


Kevin Kovaleski
“Corner Bookcase”


Ken de Loreto & Ritch Holben of (Photo: Abner Preis)
“Working Together Dual Workstation”


Marc Derveaux
“Disguised Laundry Basket”


Meera Pendred of
“Mid-Century Style Media Cabinet”


Sofia Clara of
“Kitchen Island”


Tamara Berg of
“Brick Cottage Dollhouse”


Timothy and Mallory Barrett
“Headboard Storage”


Otis Kotsanos
“MALM with Pullout Laptop table”


Jules Yap and Martin Wong
“Hexagon Shelving Unit”
“Half-Wall lamp”
“Custom Vanity with Spotlight”
“String-sided Cabinet”
“Easy TV unit”
“Hanging Lamp”
“Headboard and Picture Tree”

Where to get the IKEA hackers book?

The IKEA hackers book is available pretty much wherever books are sold (in the US and UK, for now). I’ve also included some links below if you wish to order from your favourite online bookstore. The book comes in paper and electronic versions.

Buy IKEAhackers book on Amazon Buy IKEAhackers book on Barnes & Nobles Buy IKEAhackers book on Indiebound

Get one, get another for your DIY loving friend. And do let me know if you hack any of the projects in the IKEA hackers book.


Enjoy the book and happy hacking!
Jules black

*Photo: Abner Preis