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Hello and welcome to IKEA Hackers!

Jules Yap of IKEA hackers

I’m Jules Yap and I’m the one who started the IKEA hacks movement way back in 2006. This is site where I capture and feature all the best IKEA hacks from all over the world.

Here you’ll find your daily fix of inspirational DIY projects and latest news from our beloved Scandinavian furniture store, IKEA.

I absolutely love IKEA hacks and DIY. Not just hacking them myself but also seeing what others have done. My experience with DIY started early, as Dad’s little assistant. All I did was hand him the screwdriver and hammer but that sparked a life-long love for making and creating things. 

Much later on, I got my first apartment.

IKEA Frosta hack and Rast nightstand hack by Jules Yap

And that’s when it all started. I began spending way too much time thinking about how I wanted my space to look, feel and function. I bought furniture but at times they didn’t sit right — they were not the right size or color or didn’t work as well as I thought they should. The cherry on the cake? I didn’t have much budget to spare for home decor either.

So I needed to get creative. I began browsing an insane number of home decor websites. (Instagram and Pinterest wasn’t launched yet) That was when I stumbled upon IKEA hacking.

I was completely blown away. My first thought was, “I can modify IKEA furniture?” It seemed too obvious but back then, nobody let on to it.

How did IKEA Hackers start?

IKEA Hackers on blogspot

Then, I thought “How great it would be if I could find all of these IKEA hacks in one website?”

The rest, as they say, rolled out like Swedish meatballs. From its rather humble beginnings, the site has grown so much that it still surprises me. Thank you for making this site what it is today.

You may have figured out by now that I don’t do all the hacks. IKEA hackers from all over the globe send in their hacks, their alternative ideas and repurposing of IKEA products. By sharing their IKEA hacks and ideas we hope to inspire you to birth something unique from the “everyone has it” IKEA piece.

A little bit about me

I live in a terrace house in Selangor, Malaysia. Sharing my home are 2 Japanese koi and number of tropical plants. The house has been a work-in-progress as you’ll see in my renovation diary. 

My first IKEA Hack was a RIBBA frame turned into a watch case. After that I got hooked and made quite a few more things, including a potting table. When I’m not IKEA hacking and working on this site, I cook, take walks in the park and try to grow things.

If you show up with a giant pack of Cheezels and the latest Korean blockbuster, you’ll be my new BFF.

Favorite snack: Cheezels
Guilty pleasure: K-drama
Secret fantasy job: Home organizer
Can’t live without: Jesus
Pet peeve: Putting things back in place

Renovating my home

Follow along as I turn a 20 year old house into my home. It’s been a long work-in-progress and it still is. I’m most proud of the reno work done in my kitchen and primary ensuite.

In my previous apartment, I worked with IKEA on a kitchen remodel. It’s an IKEA kitchen I still thoroughly love and seriously miss cooking in there.

IKEA kitchen by Jules Yap
My first apartment with an IKEA kitchen

I wrote a book on IKEA hacking

I wrote a book in 2017 which documented some of the most prolific IKEA hackers and best loved IKEA hacks. The book goes into a lot more details on making the hacks which may not be possible on the website. 19 collaborators worked with me on this book to produce a comprehensive book on how to hack some of the most popular IKEA furniture. Details of the book here.

IKEAHackers book

My IKEA hacks on exhibit

In 2020, M+ Museum in Hong Kong acquired two of my IKEA hacks for their M+ collection. I’m so very honored to be featured alongside other acclaimed visual artists, designers and architects in this interdisciplinary collection of visual culture.

M+ Collection
M+ Collection | Jules Yap

What is an IKEA hack?

An IKEA hack is the tweaking of an IKEA product. It could range from a repurposing, reassembly, upgrade, update, personalisation or the creation of something totally new. In short, it’s not in the assembly manual.

If you’ve done some IKEA hacking, send it in and share your IKEA hack with the world.

Other than this site, you can stay in touch with me and IKEA hacks on social media:

Is IKEA hackers by IKEA?

No, IKEA does not run IKEA hackers. This site is not their idea nor is it sanctioned or endorsed by IKEA in any way. This is purely a fan-run website. I did have a bit of a run-in with them a few years ago. You can read about it here. But it’s all good now.

For full disclosure, I do earn from advertising, mainly via ads and when readers support me by buying Amazon products through my affiliate link. From time to time I may test out new forms of advertising but my goal is to always keep advertising as non-intrusive as possible.

IKEA hackers in the Press

My favorite IKEA hacks

Every year I make a list of 10 of my favourite IKEA hacks. They are the ones that stick in my mind for their ingenuity, function and pure beauty. If you’re new here and wondering where to start, browse the IKEA hacks of the Year to see some truly creative hacks.

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