MICKE home office set up idea

An easy tweak made this desk set-up more affordable

In setting up my home office, I found table legs with a drawer unit to be expensive. So I made it much cheaper with an affordable MICKE drawer unit. The original MICKE drawer unit comes with caster wheels and stands at 75 cm. Because of its height, IKEA usually sets…

home studio desk

How to assemble the cheapest home studio desk ever!

I had no room for any of my equipment in my small home / project studio. As you can see from the before picture, everything was just piled up on an old desk and the wires were everywhere. before I decided I needed a brand spanking new studio desk. I…

floor speaker stands

Floor speaker stands made from IKEA chopping board

I made a set of floor speaker stands from IKEA chopping boards. The speakers are not going to move. These things weight about 30lbs. Much better than cheap floor speaker stands. Related: DIY speaker stands with ADILS table legs IKEA items used: Small FASCINERA x2 Silver ADILS x2 Other items:…

IKEA corner table in beautiful beech: A DIY

IKEA corner table in beautiful beech: A DIY

Here’s how I made a large IKEA corner table from their work tops and legs. In total, we spent $325, which was far cheaper than buying a custom made L-shaped desk to fit the space. IKEA items used: 2 x GERTON table top 5 x OLOV adjustable legs Other Materials: Screws…

Music production desk hacks that won’t max out your budget

Music production desk hacks that won’t max out your budget

DIY your own music production desk at a fraction of the cost of branded home studio desks. It won’t be any less good looking or functional just because it’s an IKEA hack. What’s best is you’ll be able to customise the dimensions and storage racks to fit your specs and…

L-shaped desk IKEA

L shaped desk to boost productivity. Here are 10 ideas.

If you’re always thinking of ways to up your productivity, you’ll want to rethink your most basic productivity hub – your desk – every once in a while. Your desk configuration may have worked but as time goes by, your requirements and style may change. And the desk that once…

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