space for hacking

julie is turning out to be quite a hack digger. earlier, she found cool stuff like this and tipped me on it. and now, this fab series on canadian tv called space for living. it has a genius of an ikea marketing idea titled “foreign exchange”. the promo blurb reads “we give three creative people from three different cities and/or countries one ikea item. they can transform the item in any way they choose. there are no rules, except the finished product needs to function, so the possibilities are endless.”

excited yet?

wait till you see the stuff they come up with – it burns up my hack-o-meter. julie’s fav is this super gorgeous billdal mirror in the hands of an artist in halifax, an art professor in guang zhou and a team of fashion designers in calgary.

mine is episode 26 where they hacked – what i previously thought – the rather unsightly children’s nosa bench into a thing of beauty.

me nosa ugly anymore

go trawl. it’s worth the effort.

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