A Blanda Blank flying saucer lamp


– 2 Blanda blanks bowls (20cm and 28cm)

– the inners of a Mosby lampshade

– Fixa tool

– ribs of a broken umbrella, metal wire

– gold spray paint

– a stainless steel pendulum I had around (I think it was from Ikea but it seems to be discontinued)

Inspired by some other Blanda lampshade hacks, I decided to try an oversize version of the “flowerpot” lamp, but with the twist that I cannibalized the metal entrails of a Mosby lampshade (18 cm wide) to hang the 20cm Blanda in the 28cm Blanda. The Blanda bowls have flat bottoms so I dished out the smaller bowl a bit to make it round. I drilled three holes along the rim to connect to the frame constructed from the Mosby and three spars of a broken umbrella someone threw away (recycle! save the planet!)

DSCN1270 DSCN1273

I used the Fixa tool for making holes in kitchen sinks to make a hole for the pendulum in the larger bowl, I also drilled 12 holes in a circle in the top for airflow and to project some interesting light patterns on the ceiling. I sprayed the inside of the large bowl with gold paint to add some visual interest and give the light a warmer color. I used a LED lamp to eliminate any concerns about heat. I also polished the smaller bowl a bit.