Materials: Hemnes

Description: I originally bought the Hemnes bed frame because it was on sale and I can’t pass up a deal.  Honestly, it’s sort of dull and made my bedroom feel sad. I wanted to get a fancy new one and was debating whether it was worth the $1,000+ investment so I could feel happier while sleeping? Then came the idea to make my existing bed better!

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.51.45 AM

I made a very shallow, three-sided box out of plywood and 1×2’s. The headboard is exactly 1.5″ thick so your box needs to be deep enough to cover the entire frame. This applies to the top and two sides, the bottom is left open so this fake headboard can slide right over the pre-existing one. I made the fake headboard slightly taller so I added a cross beam that would attach to the top of the real headboard. There’s one decorative piece that’s oddly really secure on the top that needs to be removed from the original. The holes are then used to secure fake headboard’s crossbeam to the real headboard. The fake headboard can be upholstered however you want. I went with a lovely yellow velvet. The tufting is done using a screw through a washer and drilled right to the face of the fake headboard (the washer holds down the fabric and the screw makes sure the tufting never comes undone), buttons are glued over the screw. Dimensions of a king are 81 1/2″ wide by 36″ tall-the bottom of the fake headboard rests on the cross beams.