Entrance hall wardrobe


Materials: Besta, Faktum Abstrakt high gloss doors, Akerby countertop, Sävern hooks, Grundtal spotlights

Description: We needed a wardrobe for our entrance hall.

For us a bench to sit is important and we needed enough space to store shoes and outdoor clothes as well as bags for my wife and rucksacks for my daughter.

We like the Besta Series, we also use in the living room, so I tried to arrange Besta cabinet frames like a big C.

To add a colour, we chose 2 big Faktum Abstrakt high gloss doors as back panels.

In the panels, I mounted 6 Sävern double hooks for jackets, bags etc.

Then the Bench was easy, just took an Akerby countertop, reduced the depth and mounted it on the bottom Besta.


3 Inreda fully extending drawers were added for small things like gloves, raincovers etc.

As a last step I fixed 3 Grundtal spots on the top, which I combined with a remote Controller.

All in all it costs about 400 Euros.

We use it now for nearly a year and we are totally satisfied with its functionality.

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