His Own Little Chair


Materials: AGEN

Description: I’ve been looking for a little chair for Nolan for a while. I wanted him to have a little spot that was all his own (granted he’s currently always on the move and the idea of him sitting still is more a dream than a reality). But, I have to think that at some point he’ll want to sit down for at least a moment. During a trip to Ikea I noticed the AGEN children’s chair.

The price was right and the shape was cute, but it needed a little personality. So off to work I went, I applied three thin coats of red spray paint. Once fully dry, I brought it back inside and lined the chair with an inexpensive faux sheepskin (also purchased at Ikea a while back). The faux sheepskin definitely makes the seat more comfortable for our little guy and is machine washable so it should stand up over time. Nolan seems happy with his new little seat. It makes me picture him as a toddler, sitting, eating Cheerios and watching cartoons. Did I mention how much I love him? His little face instantly makes me smile. His new thing at the moment is patting my cheek and giving me a look that makes me melt.

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