How to raise the Malm bed (FINALLY)

The braces are for added security

After reading through multiple ideas on how to successfully (and safely) raise the Malm bed; I came up with a viable and easy solution – and I wanted to share with everyone.

I had read a post about using 4 beams as leg supports for the bed, but that will NOT work long term as the weight of the Malm beds is distributed through the headboard and footboard. I also read a couple posts about using a LACK shelving unit as support, which to me seems dangerous and not very sturdy.

So, here’s what I did: I went to the local hardware store and purchased a standard 8′ long 4×4. I asked them to cut it down into 2 identical pieces measuring the exact width of the headboard and footboard (for my bed; which is a full size, each piece measured 59.5″). I took the pieces (and the 2 extra, shorter pieces leftover) home and quickly sanded them (nothing serious or time consuming, it was mainly to get any splinters off), primed and painted them white. My bed is the brown shade, which is nearly impossible to match with paint, so I went for contrast with the white. Once the paint was dry, I placed them under the headboard and footboard of the Malm bed.

The weight of the bed itself is enough to keep it secure on the 4×4’s, but for added support, I used 3″ mending plates on each end.

For added security but not necessary

And voila! The bed is now 8.5″ from the ground, which is perfect for standard storage containers.



  • 8′ long 4×4, cut down to width of headboard and footboard (cost: $11)
  • Paint primer – one coat should do the trick (I used Kilz spray primer / cost: $5.75)
  • Satin finish paint, color of choice (should only need a quart size can of paint / cost: $9.50)
  • Paint trim roller – 3″ or 4″ (you can get a kit for under $5.00 that includes a tray, like this one )
  • Mending plates – 3″ (I purchased these cost: $2.75)

Hope this is clear and helps everyone who was asking. It’s a much cheaper way to raise the Malm bed than having to buy a whole new bed! And I did everything by myself, it’s super easy.

The braces are for added security Malm Bed2